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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Feb 05 21:20:00 2020
Car accidents that involve a lighting or utility pole are a fairly common occurrence, particularly in inclement weather and slippery road conditions. A vehicular crash that strikes a lighting pole can cause various levels of destr [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Mon Nov 25 19:41:00 2019
As we mentioned in a previous blog, smart cities are gaining momentum across a diverse swath of American real estate markets. The practice of installing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies throughout a community's utilities and [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Nov 21 15:15:55 2019
Smart cities are no longer futuristic communities only experienced on TV and movies – they are a growing reality taking hold in communities of all shapes and sizes, both across the country as well as on a global scale. Defined as [...]
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