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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue Jul 07 15:44:27 2020
A chink in the armor is typically a figure of speech, but anyone who has worked with welding knows that areas of vulnerability in metals are no joke. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Jul 01 20:41:00 2020
Any task that involves heavy machinery and dangerous materials needs to be handled with precision and care. Add in a potential fire hazard and the job becomes doubly dangerous. Certainly, welding on steel poles is a specialty that [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue Jun 30 19:38:33 2020
Protecting your power grids and lines is crucial for maintaining the safe and efficient operations of your business on a daily basis. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Jun 25 15:27:49 2020
Every savvy business owner is looking for ways to make their businesses more efficient. More often than not, “efficiency” gets reduced to “cost-effectiveness.” 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Jun 18 14:50:38 2020
More than most other assets, it is crucial that large components such as light poles be protected from damage at all costs. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue Jun 16 15:37:05 2020
When it comes to quality assurance, you can never be too careful. Far too often, technicians and supervisors rely solely on the results of audits and evaluations as an appraisal of the current state of their assets. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Jun 10 16:20:25 2020
As a responsible business owner or manager, you are constantly looking for ways to protect your assets and maintain the well being of your staff. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Jun 04 13:50:00 2020
Routine inspections are a critical part of utility operations and maintenance strategies.  Proactive assessments are what position line operators to maintain an acceptable level of reliability for the customers they serve and the [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue Jun 02 15:38:22 2020
Plenty of forces are working against your assets at any given moment. From daily wear and tear to the effects of time itself, your assets are at constant risk of degradation. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Fri May 15 14:43:24 2020
As a plant manager or supervisor, you have countless responsibilities and it is imperative that no detail, no matter how minute, is overlooked.  There are always so many tasks to complete and projects to manage that even the most [...]
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