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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Jan 03 19:15:05 2019
Winter is coming... (for some it has already arrived). Winter weather can present a few operational challenges for wind farm operators, particularly when it comes to a serious ice storm. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Dec 20 22:41:20 2018
Know Your Warranty: Take Care of Your Poles Sooner Rather than Later We want to talk about an “elephant in the room” in the utility industry - manufacturer warranties. A steel pole manufacturer’s, or installation contractor’s warr [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Dec 20 23:15:15 2018
Constructing a steel pole transmission structure typically requires a series of welded assemblies. These include folding the pole shafts and plates, and joining the edges of the plates with seams. The resulting tubular shafts are [...]
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