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ReliaPOLE / Advanced Aerial are now Exo

With over 100 years of combined professional experience in inspection, evaluation, remediation, and manufacturing, ReliaPOLE Inspection Services and Advanced Aerial Inspection Resources have been serving the nation’s infrastructure needs for decades.

These two companies represent the most experienced inspection, repair and maintenance force in the nation, with unparalleled expertise in categories like drone/UAV inspection, asset program management, NDT inspection, field services & repair, and quality assurance. With the merger of these diverse yet complementary industry leaders, a stronger team emerges under a new name: Exo.

ReliaPOLE's innovative inspection, engineering, mapping, field repair and testing services for the global utility, lighting and communications industries has a long history of thorough and expert assessment of sports lighting structures, aerial UT of conductor arms, TIA condition assessments, communications structure mapping, and plant audit or expert witness.

Advanced Aerial Inspection - a leading edge conditional assessment firm that utilizes UAS technology, UAV and Drone inspection, data analytics and engineering expertise - was one of the first firms in the US to be approved by the FAA for commercial UAS operations to serve the Utility, Renewables, Energy, and Infrastructure markets. Together, our unmatched engineering expertise and our time-tested capabilities guarantee that we’ll deliver the best possible solution, every time. Welcome to Exo!

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