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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu May 21 17:37:23 2020
Every savvy asset owner and operator knows the best way to protect and preserve their investment is to ensure their assets begin the life cycle in good health and to foster continued performance through frequent inspection and mai [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue May 19 20:11:42 2020
In the modern age, single-use products seem to be more common than ever. When most products are cheaply made to cut costs, it is often the most prudent choice to buy new rather than replace, but should this always be the case? 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Fri May 15 14:43:24 2020
As a plant manager or supervisor, you have countless responsibilities and it is imperative that no detail, no matter how minute, is overlooked.  There are always so many tasks to complete and projects to manage that even the most [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu May 07 10:59:11 2020
As we always say at Exo Inc., entropy is a ruthless enemy. Ultimately, time is going to do more to damage your assets than it will to improve them. That being said, protecting and improving your assets will take concerted effort t [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Tue May 05 18:39:16 2020
What are Toe Cracks?  When a technician discusses toe cracks, they are referring to imperfections that can occur after welding is complete. 
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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Apr 29 17:48:17 2020
If you look at older steel lighting and utility poles that are anchored to pier foundations, you will probably find that grout has been applied underneath the base plate or flange.  Most asset owners don’t see this as a problem.  [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Apr 22 18:17:23 2020
For the past few years, drones have been the hot new gift for kids and adults alike. While this technology can be an exciting toy, drones can be a practical and sophisticated way to conduct inspections for your plant or wind farm. [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Wed Apr 15 18:58:16 2020
If you're focused on protecting the steel mono poles and lattice towers in your telecom infrastructure, you want to do everything you can to preserve those assets. Poles and towers are valuable. And when they get damaged, your bot [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Mon Apr 13 18:24:15 2020
From wedding videos to promotional footage, it’s amazing what breathtaking sights can be captured by cameras using drone technology. No longer do camera crews have to take expensive and dangerous trips in planes or helicopters to [...]
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/ Exo Group, LLC Thu Apr 02 14:50:41 2020
No matter how strong your structural assets are, deterioration happens over time. But a focused structure-strengthening program keeps assets functional for longer, while ensuring streamlined field service and repair.
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