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Lighting Asset Management for a Top 10 Retailer


In the retail world, lighting structures are an often overlooked area of property maintenance that can lead to significant damage.


That’s what happened to one of the nation’s top 10 retailers in 2015 when it experienced several lighting structure failures that were of high concern. It turned out that the poles had been around for 15-30 years and had severely lost their structural integrity.

Something had to be done.



The retailer decided to partner with leading utility pole inspection company Exo to develop a strategic, pragmatic asset management program that would help minimize the potential for future failures. Exo began by launching a pilot program across 10 stores using NDT testing (non-destructive testing) techniques for a quick assessment. This was followed by a multi-phase pole inspection program that included:

  • Inspection: Conducted comprehensive baseline review of all assets
  • Field Service & Repair: Designed, specified, and facilitated remediation of found issues
  • Asset Program Management: Established an ongoing maintenance program

This work highlighted causes of poor asset conditions beyond age, including location, installation, quality of materials, maintenance, design, and weather events. With this new knowledge and Exo’s Ex-Tend lifecycle management solution, the retailer was better prepared for the future.


Through its partnership with Exo, the retailer has transitioned to a proactive inspection approach for all structural assets. This has saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in unplanned asset replacements and millions of dollars in liability or risk exposure costs. Additionally, none of the 20,000 structures Exo cleared or repaired have experienced failure.

The project was considered an overall success, and the retailer will continue partnering with Exo for turn-key asset management and ongoing inspection cycles.


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