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  In the lighting industry, LED is the buzzword you can’t get away from. Everyone’s talking about switching to LED lights, and for a lot of good reasons: According to the Department of Energy (DOE), LED lights can use between 25% [...]
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Feb 19, 2019 2:26:06 PM
  Lighting poles are something we often take for granted, assuming they will provide the safety and security we need on roadways, parking lots and athletic fields. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.
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Jan 24, 2019 9:54:02 AM
Winter is coming... (for some it has already arrived). Winter weather can present a few operational challenges for wind farm operators, particularly when it comes to a serious ice storm. 
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Jan 2, 2019 2:01:18 PM
Know Your Warranty: Take Care of Your Poles Sooner Rather than Later We want to talk about an “elephant in the room” in the utility industry - manufacturer warranties. A steel pole manufacturer’s, or installation contractor’s warr [...]
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Dec 19, 2018 9:33:41 AM
Constructing a steel pole transmission structure typically requires a series of welded assemblies. These include folding the pole shafts and plates, and joining the edges of the plates with seams. The resulting tubular shafts are [...]
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Dec 3, 2018 5:06:00 PM